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The Mueller Investigation Was Not An Investigation

By Joseph Vargas

First of all, the Mueller Investigation was not an investigation. An investigation occurs as a result of possible wrongdoing. The Democrats knew from the beginning there was no wrongdoing - no Russian collusion. Even the Mueller Report was unable to find any Russian collusion.

However, let's assume for a moment it was a legitimate investigation, why aren't the Democrats celebrating there was no Russian collusion? Isn't that what they publicly claimed to be so concerned about? Why are they so outraged Mueller found no evidence of Russian collusion?

You have to remember this: to the leftist Democrats, 'the issue is never the issue.' What does this mean? It means the issue they present is a false narrative to cover their real intentions. Here are a few examples:

• In the name of 'choice,' they kill babies in the womb.
• In the name of 'free speech,' they shut down conservative voices.
• In the name of 'freedom of religion,' they attack Christianity.
• In the name of 'public safety,' they want to take your guns away.
• In the name of 'humaneness,' they want to populate the country with illegal aliens they intend to eventually turn into Democrat voters.

And now, in the name of 'transparency,' they claim to be concerned about foreign interference in an election. That's laughable. In a later post, I'll discuss the real foreign interference in American elections with the descendants of illegal aliens and 'refugees' now voting Democrat and even getting elected to office.

But let's get back to the Russian collusion report for now.

The Russian collusion the leftist Democrats claimed to be so concerned about was not the true issue they were after. It was the smokescreen for the true issue of legitimizing an illegal investigation into a President they despise with the hopes of uncovering ANYTHING they could use as ammunition for his impeachment.

And leftists Democrats have a history of creating false emotional narratives and accusations against conservative Republicans, especially during elections. They did it to Judge Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh. And now, they're doing it to President Trump.

Exoneration? There is no exoneration because there was never a crime committed. Exoneration occurs when the conviction for a crime is reversed.

So, the fact that members of the President's staff are claiming exoneration is the wrong approach. It's giving in to their false accusation and that's exactly the approach the leftists Democrats want conservative Republicans to take.

And unfortunately, way too many other falsely-accused elected Republicans fall into this same trap. As a result, they find themselves squirming in a defensive and extremely uncomfortable position trying to prove themselves worthy, principled, and ethical.

In the end, the election or the conservative principle at stake is lost as the elected Republican is distracted as he scrambles to defend his righteousness.

Hopefully, this will not happen to the Trump presidency. Exposing the false accusation is what's necessary.

In conclusion, the real issue that needs to be investigated is how a false and baseless accusation against the President escalated to involve high ranking members of the FBI, the FISA Court, and other intelligence agencies. The perpetrators, who were they? And, how can the Justice Department prevent this from happening to any other president, regardless of political party?
Joseph Vargas is a strategist commentator. He has a BBA in Management and a BA in Communications. A member of numerous political organizations, he has worked on various political campaigns for the last 20 years. His political and philosophical reviews clarify complex issues from a logical and procedural perspective.

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